A Quick Tip – Something To Help With Writers Block From Slade Templeton

We’ve all been there, that tune you thought was going so well, suddenly turns sour, and you’re struggling to get going again, no vibe. Writers block kicks in! Slade Templeton from Influx Studios in Bern has a neat tip to try in these situations…

Solo each element of the tune and get a loop of it, then export them out as you would “remix files”. Once you have all the elements you actually liked as new loops or remix files, open a new session and start new working the loops from the old session. You’ll never end up back to what you were doing and most likely completely redirect your focus and end up with something awesome. One of my last albums was pretty much all ‘remixes’ of elements i had on failed sessions over the years and it ended up something super unique and transcending. This kills writers block really fast too…

Slade Templeton is in demand mix/mastering engineer working at Influx Studios, Bern



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